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Short interest update

09 Dec 2016 18:50 #8182 by myownhedgefund
360,166 shares short...over 38k covered close to 10% of the outstanding short interest

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26 Jan 2017 10:33 #8644 by myownhedgefund
Big jump in short interest even before buyout deal announced.

474,906 shares short

Even since the above date pool available for further shorting seems to have tightened.

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11 Mar 2017 03:51 #8992 by myownhedgefund
Down about 80k from last report
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30 May 2017 15:36 #9383 by myownhedgefund
Well from the end of April through the last call and to May 15th the short interest increased almost 400K.

1,232,942 shares short

May 15 close $0.99 ( I actually think it was a fraction of High $0.98xx)
May 30 close $0.98
Clearly we have yet to wrestle control.

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04 Jun 2017 10:46 #9419 by DOV
It will be interesting to see how the short interest fluctuates heading into STAR data. The last reading was May 15th and we know the company will not do another secondary or put shares to Lincoln Park until after the STAR data is released. The company clearly believes the stock will rally substantially on the data readout. In fact, they are counting on it! The short interest numbers should provide interesting insight especially since the short sellers have never been squeezed.

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04 Jun 2017 12:14 #9420 by waddlingwillbologni
marc -- deliver for me on the medical side. step aside thereafter, my man. be a legend.
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04 Jun 2017 19:39 #9421 by myownhedgefund
Agree DOV, although we may have a different take on how they (short side) will play a positive result.
To me, this is all about control. Right now they are in a good position.
Will the right people step in and in enough size to change that ?
There are several zones that have my attention right now and Cytori wont be the only ones looking for sales either imho.

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04 Jun 2017 20:56 #9422 by franshei

Indeed, based on my emails with Girao (he seems to be more sensitive to pps than when he first came), the company seems to realize that several pending events may have relative important impact on the stock prices (than many other events):

1. STAR data readout (even if the data is statistically positive, it would be a while before the actual FDA filing).

2. San Antonio lipo doxo manufacturing validation, leading to EU partnership and ANDA filing. These events may come later on in the year, after a gap time after the STAR data readout.

It the company is betting on a sure STAR data readout success. I personally think one has be cautious, based on past company performance. If the company is planning to raise a lot of money because of a successful STAR data readout, the potential share dilution may lead to a short rally (hope it is not a big AM bull run and a PM or a AH crash, as it has been recently). WST has told people to take money off the table. I hope this kind of binary swing will not happen - I hope the PPS will go up and stay up with heavier daily volumes, so that the company can raise money, while the little guys can recoup some of their loses.

Just my opinion.

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12 Jun 2017 18:53 - 12 Jun 2017 18:53 #9458 by franshei
As of end of May, the shorted shares are over 1. 3 million.

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